About us

Welcome to the beta version of the AZ Jewels Lexicon!

The team

AZ Jewels started thanks to two professionals from two different worlds: Armelle de Blanchard, who has been working for 10 years in the jewellery industry and now is communication and export manager in a manufacturing workshop and Giuseppe Benedetti, a financial engineer. On a daily basis Armelle was confronted with a clear lack of complete and verified resources on the trade so she decided to create this technical translation on-line word entry. Giuseppe, also well-versed in computer languages, has built the digital environment and coded a dedicated website.

The project

“Whatever is well-conceived is expressed clearly” said Boileau a 17th century French poet, but in order for “the words to say it to flow with ease” in a language other than your mother-tongue, one might need a little help. When it comes to translating texts about secular arts and their know-how, the correct translation is central to the message. Jewelry, Watchmaking and Metalsmithing are part of a trade that encompasses dozens of different jobs - from mine to retail - and these crafts call for precise wording. The techniques are secular, the movements traditional ; it may sometimes be a hassle to find the right words to describe them. Sometimes you face untranslatability, possibly leading you to improvise an uneasy loan translation or an educated guess that might turn out to be flawed. This is where AZ Jewels comes in !

Contemporary wording dedicated to 3D technologies, alongside other important aspects of the trade like Customs or Machining are equally important to handcraft, so we added them as well. In today’s international business world, these aspects are central to anyone of the trade: be they designer, jeweller, salesperson, financial director, developer or lapidary.

Little by little we enrich the database with more words and definitions. We started featuring English, French, Italian and Spanish. We will later develop German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. We feel all these languages will best cover the worldwide trade’s need.

Partnerships & Collaborations

You want to be part of the project ? We would be most thankful for your support and advice in growing our translation database. Some fields need proofreading, others need to be developed. In the medium term, we also want to implement images to illustrate our definitions. We put all our efforts to turn this project into a tool that you will resort to with pleasure and confidence!

AZ Jewels' development will obviously be based on collaborations, so we remain open to any proposals or suggestions. You may also contact us to lend a hand or make other suggestions: contact@azjewels.xyz

The AZ Jewels team.